• The plan is… There is no plan

    I guess we did have a plan to start with. We fancied a change. Bev would finish work, we’d sell the house in Newcastle and move to Northumberland, get some chickens or alpacas and set up a music studio in the garage. But our house didn’t sell – buyers being cautious with Brexit maybe, or […]

  • Choosing a motorhome

    Fixed bed? Transverse? French Bed? Fuel efficiency? Length? Weight? Extra kit for wild camping? Fully winterised for year round adventure? All the things we pondered when we upgraded from a VW campervan to a motorhome.

  • Live at the Brandling Villa

    On Saturday 30th March, we played our ‘farewell’ gig with the band before I set off with Bev on our travels. It’s always a good night at the Brandling, but even better with some friends from work come to see us off, including Iqbal who came up from London. Photos and videos by Bev and […]

  • How much does it cost to run a campervan?

    Mixed feelings as I dropped off ‘Voyager’, our trusty VW campervan, a few weekends ago, in part-ex for the new motorhome. On the train home, I got to pondering. We’d had the van a touch under 3 years, say 35 months, and the difference between what we paid and what we got in part-ex was […]

  • Panasonic FZ2000: Trying the new camera

    For a special birthday treat this year, and thinking ahead to our upcoming tour, I got a new digital camera. We’ve had a Panasonic TZ20 for years – great pictures in good light, good zoom, really compact – but it had some fluff in the lens that we couldn’t shift and the zoom motor was […]

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