Toppet Hill and

Toppet Hill is my DIY record label. I set it up – along with a basic website – back in late 2002 to release a self-produced CD called ‘Thinking about changing my ways’. It’s a collection of home recordings of songs and tunes inspired by the old blues masters, music from the movies and songs half-remembered from childhood. There are still a few copies of the CD available, but now I only have one website –

With the release of Brass Neck! in 2019, I resurrected the Toppet Hill name and used the code TOPPET002 for the registering of physical CDs with MCPS.

Not sure how or why you’ve found this page, maybe you’ve got one of those early CDs and tried the website address – but feel free to head to the home page to check out the new site 🙂